Bill Strayer is currently the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Worship Center. CCWC is a thriving city, county, state, and world-shaking movement of passionate believers in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

Bill Strayer has always had a great burden, not only for the communities and areas where he has pastored, but also for the United States of America. He is a very patriotic person and he loves his country, but Bill along with many other U.S. citizens has seen the nation swerve away from the Lord.

He felt several years ago a strong compulsion from the Lord to begin to reach out to the nation and to travel nationwide to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to churches, conferences and rallies.

The Lord told Bill to be a voice in the days in which we live, and to lift up Jesus Christ. The Bible says that if we lift Jesus up He will draw all people to Himself.

Bill Strayer has a great team of God-called five-fold ministers around him. These are people who have worked with him for years and have been tried and proven in being people of character, integrity, passion and faithfulness.

The Awake America 3.6.5. team will assist churches and ministries. We simply want to go out to spread the passion and fire of renewal and to tell America and the world that Jesus is the Answer!

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