2016 – A Year of Hope

The word Hope is a cool word in life in general and in the Bible. Romans 15 says that the Lord is a God of Hope in chapter 15 and verse 13. Then Paul states that in Romans 15:4 that all people can have Hope in the scriptures and the Bible will bring comfort to those who read it and believe it.

What great hope the Lord and the Bible bring to our world. I pray that people will receive this hope because it cannot and will not be found anywhere else. Hope is only found in the Lord and the Bible.

People may be asking, with everything going on in the world right now, what can we have hope in? Is there really any hope in this world? The future does not seem too hopeful. The answer to these questions and others like it is yes, there is great hope in this world in which we live. There is hope for the present, the past and the future. There is hope for the present because Jesus is alive and He can meet every one of our needs and bring us the peace, joy and prosperity that we need in the times in which we are living. There is hope for the past because the Lord will forgive us of all of the sins we have committed in our past no matter how many we have committed and no matter how small or big they have been. Then there is hope for the future as we live for the Lord. The Bible states that as we live for Jesus, He will simply take care of us. We do not have to worry. We do not have to fear. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will encourage and comfort us. He will provide our every need. So life can be filled with hope.

The word hope speaks of an attitude of expectation. We can have a high level of expectation of good things happening to us as we place our hope in the Lord. No matter what is going on in the world around us and how hard it gets, we can have a spirit of expectation in the Lord and His Word that He will come through for us according to His will and purpose. So walk in hope. Receive the hope that you can have in Jesus and the Bible. Have a hopeful outlook for the present, past and the future……Things are looking good in the Lord……….

As we enter into the 2016 new year, we can have hope for our nation if it will turn to the Lord. You see, hope has everything to do with turning to Jesus Christ and following His Word. Hope is not based on feelings or if the stock market is high or low. Hope is not in the fact that we have purchased or home or have hit it rich. Hope is in Jesus and His Word. So our nation must turn to Jesus in 2016 and if it does, there is great hope for our nation and the future of its citizens…..

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