A Culture of Life

A culture of life must pervade every society because life is a sign of hope, joy, peace, a future and spiritual prosperity. Life is part of a sane and stable society while a culture of death is part of a barbaric society. The United States is a fantastic nation and one that I love. I am very patriotic and I would not want to live anywhere else in the entire world, but our nation is turning away from being a culture of life. A culture of death is creeping into parts of our society and it must be voted out, shouted out, protested out, dialogued out and prayed out of our nation. We cannot allow a culture of death to rule and reign in the United States. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Abortion – abortion is part of the culture of death that has ravaged our nation. The killing and murder of babies is horrendous in the eyes of the Lord and it is good to see the outrage of every day citizens when they saw the baby parts recently that were scattered on trays. These graphic pictures portrayed the culture of death that has been creeping into our nation for years. It showed that these children were not just blobs or pieces of flesh, but they are actual people conceived at birth and created by the Lord to serve Him and fulfill the purpose the Lord has for their lives. Abortion is a life and death issue. It is a Biblical issue and not a political issue. The Bible stresses over and over again about life, the conception of children and that the Lord created the process of life in the womb. We are to treasure life. Value life and be a culture of life. We are to give birth to babies and mot kill them.

Euthanasia – yes, everyone is going to die, but again, we need to be a culture of life. We need to allow people to live out their lives to the fullest and length that the Lord has for them. We, as a society, are not to take the life of people and think that because someone is old, mentally ill or is paralyzed that we have the right to get rid of them, purge them from society or remove them because they are not productive members of the culture any longer. I do understand that there are a lot of questions in this area that could be brought up, but even though none of us can answer all of the questions that would arise concerning this topic, the principle is always to lean toward a culture of life. We must always value the life of people and the life the Lord has given to people. May our nation once again become a culture of life.

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