A Future

Christianity is so cool because no matter what happens to us personally. No matter what happens to our jobs, health or families. No matter what happens in our nation. No matter what happens in the world around us. We still have hope and a future. Having the expectation of a future brings hope, joy, peace and purpose to people. Without any hope for a future, we become disillusioned with life and pack it in. But knowing there is a bright future ahead of us, we start planning for the months and years ahead. We start praying about ministry, job, education and family opportunities that may come our way. Excitement fills us as we look forward to what is coming for us. The future is a very very important part of a person’s life.

I am so glad that I am a born again believer because I have NOW to look forward to. NOW is called today. Great things are going to happen today and I look forward to the things that will take place in my life today no matter what they are because the Lord is in control of my today which means anything could happen. What an adventure life is when you know the Lord. Every day is an extreme adventure. I am so glad I am a born again believer because my past is my past. It is forgiven, forgotten and over with. I cannot change anything I have done or said. I cannot change any of my actions or behavior. All I can do is move forward into the present and then look forward to the future. I am so glad I am a born again believer because my future is bright because of Jesus Christ. I cannot only celebrate today, but also celebrate what the Lord is going to do in my life tomorrow and in the days ahead. I know it will all be good because the Lord is good. That doesn’t mean that everything that enters into my life will be good, but it does mean that all things work together for good. And then I know that when my life ends here on earth, I will still have a bright future ahead of me because I will continue to live, but in a different time zone. I will be living in heaven for all eternity and be with Jesus. What a bright future I have and you have if you are a born again believer.

The Lord has hope and a future for everyone He has created. Dive into the waters of the Lord. Be refreshed. Be saved. Accept Him today. Surrender to His redemption and plan for your life. Experience Jesus and then forget the past, have a blast today and then look forward to what tomorrow offers you.

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