What the United States of America needs is another revolution. Not a revolution where fighting and guns are involved, but a spiritual revolution. We are in a political year in our country where a new president will be elected. We see that many of the nations citizens are not wanting a normal regular politician to be elected. They call these politicians who have been in office for years people who are a part of the establishment. Not all establishments politicians or people do a bad job, but many of them continue to stay in office for many many years and only oppose everything that is voted on. Just as our nation needs a political revolution, out nation needs a spiritual revolution where people get fed up in a good way with churchianity and start to have a hunger for Christianity. We simply need Jesus to be the prominent force in our lives, churches and society. We need Jesus and His Word to be the leading force in our nation. We need a revolution where the Holy Spirit starts to revive each and every believer in our nation to the point where all believers will rise up out of their seats in church and start to spread the good news of Jesus everywhere and see mass renewal and revival take place in their communities. It can happen. It will just take people finally getting frustrated to the point where they are finally tired of seeing our nation turn away from Jesus and spiritual principles. Just as in politics, people are fed up with the political elite. Christians must get spiritually fed up with the way our nation is going and then start to take action to see revival come to themselves, their communities and nation. Let their be a spiritual revolution in the United States of America and let it come quickly…

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