A Wake Up Call

When you go out of town and stay in a hotel, you can ask for a wake up call so you can make sure that you get to that important meeting that is scheduled for the next morning. The phone in your hotel room rings and rings and rings until you answer the phone and wake up. There is a very important event and meeting that will be taking place soon concerning the body of Christ and a wake up call is needed to make sure the church attends this event. It is the rapture of the church. It is already scheduled, but no one knows the day and the hour when it will take place. The body of Christ in the United States must be shaken out of any slumber that has attached itself to it. A wake up call is needed to wake the church up out of its slumber so that it can fulfill the Great Commission – win souls and disciple people – and be ready for the rapture of the church and the return of the Lord. A wake up call is being sounded out by the Lord to the church. It is ringing out to our nation. Answer the phone. Get up. Wake up. Stay awake. Understand the times in which we are living and take action.

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