Be A Voice

There were 400 years of silence between the Old and the New Testaments. Then the silence vanished and a voice rang forth. It was John the Baptist. The Lord raised John the Baptist up to prepare the way of the Lord. To let the world know that the Savior of the world had finally come to save humanity and forgive them of their sins. John pointed to Christ at all times and proclaimed Him to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He was a voice. His voice was so strong that his ministry of 6 months resulted in seeing a quarter of a million people saved. John’s voice was a voice of grace. A voice pointing to the Lord. A voice that rang out to Israel. A voice of repentance. A voice of forgiveness. We now move forward to the 21st century and 2015. A new voice is raising up in these last days. It is the voices of many John the Baptists who are sharing the good news of Jesus all over the nation and this world. It is the body of Christ. Yes, the body of Christ today with all of its members are the John the Baptists for the 21st century. The church is a voice to the nation. It is a voice of forgiveness. A voice of grace. A voice of repentance. A voice of hope. A voice crying out that all people can be saved if they call on the Lord. A voice proclaiming that Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Just as John the Baptist was a voice two thousand years ago, the church of Jesus Christ must be a voice today in the culture in which we live which proclaims that our nation must turn from their sins and run to the true and living God who is ready to forgive, love and save. Be a Voice…….and watch the fruit of salvation in thousands of lives that will occur. Be a voice.

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