Being the Church or Going to Church

The church is the body of Christ and made up of believers from all around the world. To become a part of the church one must become a born again believer as stated in John chapter 3. The church is a wonderful group of people who even though they are saved, still have faults and weaknesses and sins to overcome. The church is not a perfect group of people, but a group of people who are saved but are still under construction. Beside believers being the church, the Lord asks all believers to assemble together with other believers to grow, have fellowship and help fulfill the great commission which is winning people to Christ and discipling people. This is the core and essence of Christianity. But an evolution has occurred in Christianity over the last 20 years that is not real healthy. The church has evolved from being the church to many just going to church. Going to church one day a week has become our sole source of Christianity in the United States when the Bible specifically states that Jesus Christ is our sole source in Christianity. This is why the United States is on a downward path in the United States and why there is really no sustained revival across our nation. Christians mainly go to church and have stopped being the church. Being the church means witnessing all of the time and winning people to Christ outside of a church service. Being the church means being active in our schools, jails, neighborhoods and families outside of attending a church service. Being the church means praying daily in our prayer closets outside of the church services. Christians have started to rely on the church building, church services and their Pastors and leaders instead of relying upon their own time of Bible study and prayer. Christians in the United States feel good if they just attend one service each month and think that this then is all they have to do concerning their Christian experience. But instead of continuing to see an evolution of the church, lets start to see a revolution in the believers who attend church. Let’s start to be the church instead of just attending the church. Lets start to witness, win people to Christ and then disciple them outside of the church building. Let’s start to evangelize our neighborhoods and community. Lets start to feed the poor outside of a church activity twice a year. Yes, lets still attend church to learn, grow and meet other believers, but let’s not make that our life. Our life is Jesus and being the church – not attending a church….

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