What exactly is BREXIT? It is the exit of England from the European Union which brings them complete and total independence as a nation. It is the same thing that occurred when the United States separated from England when our nation was founded. But there is more to it than just an exit strategy from Europe. There is a spiritual component that must be realized and understood in all of this.

The exit of Great Britain from the European Union is a fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible. The book of Ezekiel speaks about the last days in chapters 37-39 and refers to the alignment of the nations that will take place before the return of the Lord occurs. Included in the alignment of the nations is that England will align with the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia and several other gulf states. This is already predicted by the Lord in the Bible and so the exit of England from EU is prophetic and significant. The other group of nations that will align together to oppose the United States and England and Israel will be Russia and many Arab states, Iran and Libya. What an exciting time to live in the history of humanity as things on planet earth are lining up exactly the way the Bible says they will line up.

This reveals to us then that the return of the Lord is very very close. The alignment of the nations. Terrorist activity across the globe such as what just happened in Turkey. Lawlessness increasing. Financial markets in turmoil. What is happening? I will tell you what is happening. The second coming of Jesus Christ is happening. Soon and very soon we will see the return of the Lord and He will come back and clean up earth’s mess. So now is the time for Christ followers to serve, give, be faithful, witness, lead people to Christ, pray and send out missionaries. This is the time for all believers to be on fire for the Lord. This is the time for every born again Christian to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. The return of the Lord is soon. Now no one knows the exact day or time when Jesus will come back, but we know by the signs on earth that His return will be soon. Get ready for the return of Jesus…

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