Every 4 years there is an election in the United States to elect a President. 2016 was the year to vote again and be a part of the election process and we now have a new President. We have had plenty of time to watch the campaign and now the election and there is much we can learn from it on a spiritual level. Let me share with you a few things:

(1) We heard for months that this election was a movement. This points to Christianity being a movement. A movement is something that is organic and moves no matter what the opposition is and what people think. It cannot be stopped or altered. It cannot be contained. It is not for a certain group of people, but for anyone and everyone who desires to be a part of it. Let the movement of Christianity sweep our nation like what happened in the election.

(2) The election was free and Christianity is free. Redemption is free. For grace we are saved by faith. It is a free gift that we receive from the Lord and it is not based on works. Everyone who voted did not have to pay anything. You simply went to the place where you were designated to vote, received your ballot, filled it out and then turned it in. It is the same with Christianity. Becoming a born again believer is totally and completely free. We do not have to pay anything. It is Jesus Christ who paid a price for our salvation. He died on the cross, shed His blood and rose from the grave that we might live forever.

(3) The election included the voice of the people. The voices of the people were lifted up and they made a choice for President which, again, happens every 4 years. This relates to Christianity being the John the Baptists in todays culture. John the Baptist came the first time and he was a voice that cried out in the wilderness for people to repent and get saved. The body of Christ today are the John the Baptists that must be a voice in the wilderness in the United States of America to tell people they need to repent and follow Jesus Christ.

These are some of the points we can learn from the election. Now since the election is over, the Bible says that we are to pray for our leaders and as we do that, there will be peace in the hearts of people and peace in our society. Pray for our new President and the new leaders of our government as is told us in 1 Timothy 2:1-8.

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