In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus asks the crowd if when they came out to see John the Baptist, did they expect to see a reed blowing or shaking with the wind? The answer is no. What they saw was a man who had strong spiritual convictions who would not be swayed back and forth by the culture or the opinions of others. John was a man of strong conviction. John was a man with backbone. John was a man who knew the truth, walked in truth and spoke the truth. His convictions and truthfulness was always based on the Word of God and not based on what he thought, what people told him or what he read. It was based on what the Lord told him. John 1:6 says that John the Baptist was a man sent by God. He was sent on a mission with a commission to go to the nation of Israel and tell them that they needed to repent and turn to the Lord. He came to let them know that Jesus was coming, Jesus was the Savior of the world and they needed to accept Him as their personal Savior and Lord. John would not compromise the fact that Jesus Christ was the only way to heaven and that He was the only One who could forgive mankind for their sins. John even went so far as to confront the ruler of Judea who was Herod who was living in adultery. John told Herod that he needed to repent of his adultery or face the wrath of God. John the Baptist was killed for this confrontation, but he would not compromise his stand for the Lord and His Word even if it meant his life. We are living in a different time with different dress, a different culture and different ways of doing things. But the Word of God and God Himself never change and what is stated in the Bible is just as good for todays culture as it was for John the Baptist’s culture. Christ follower, have some backbone and stand up for what you believe in love. Do not compromise your stand for Christ and the Word of God. Do not be like a reed which is shaken by the wind. Have strong convictions. Live by them.

Walk in them and declare them…

Do not compromise spiritual principles that are found in the Word of God….

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