Cry Out

I believe we are in a period of time in Christianity, which I believe will last until the Lord returns, where the prayer life of all believers must go to a new level. As I have been searching the scriptures I see that many times it was stated that people cried out or called on the Lord. I kept reading these words being used when connected with prayer over and over and over again. So I started to study these words and the scriptures that they pertained to. I found out that the words cry out and call on the Lord spoke of shrieking, roaring like a lion and calling outlaid to the Lord. This had nothing to do with the Lord being deaf or trying to get the Lord’s attention because we always have the Lord’s attention. It had to do with the times in which they were living and what the need was.

Well, we are living in a day and age when just general prayers will not cut it any longer when it comes our personal lives, families, businesses and the nation. The Lord is looking for people who will not just pray, but who will cry out to Him, lift their voices up to Him and seek Him in a very powerful way and consistently. Why cry out to the Lord? Because our nation is in huge trouble economically, militarily, politically and spiritually. Every way we turn, there are messes. How can these messes start to get cleaned up, we must cry out to the Lord in prayer. We must pray as we have never prayed before and this must be sustained prayer. This means that we must continue to call out to God every day and not stop doing so. Of course, there will be other kinds of prayer that we exercise, but we must also cry out to the Lord every day for our nation, renewal and for multitudes to be saved and discipled. Take some time to lift your voice to the Lord today. Take some time today to call on the name of the Lord. Take some time today to cry out to God…

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