Demon Influence

It is so easy for all of us to get mad at people. To zero in on people for whatever reason and to take our eyes off of the Lord. Focus in life and in Christianity is very very important. The Bible encourages us to stare at the Lord and keep our eyes on Him all of the time. This limits the amount of frustration we will have in our lives. This relates to our nation in the fact that most of us constantly have our eyes fixed on people, government officials, other believers, our family members etc etc. when in reality we should not be focusing on them at all. Our focus should be first of all on Jesus Christ. As we focus on the Lord, He brings a peace, calm and tranquility into our lives. We should then be focused on the fact that we not fighting with people. Our emphasis should not be on people. We must understand that we are fighting against principalities and powers or demon forces. The fight that we are fighting over our nation is a spiritual fight. It is not a fight against people in any way shape or form. We are fighting against demon influences that want to rip our nation apart. When we truly realize this, we will then start to see change in our nation. As we identify our true enemy, then we can fight him and defeat him. We are not fighting against political figures, our president no matter who it is or what party they belong to, other believers or unbelievers. We are fighting against powers of hell who have been unleashed to kill, steal and destroy. It is time for all believers to identify the true enemy of our country and then understand that we have all authority over this enemy. It is time for all believers to begin to fight this enemy on a daily basis so that we can begin to see our nation spiritually proposer again. Remember, we are not fighting against people, but against powers and demons of hell……

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