It is important that we deal with facts or truth when looking at any situation so that we can come to the proper conclusion. Specifically, when we look at the United States of America, we see a great nation. We see a nation full of wonderful people who want to see their nation prosper and want to see their children and grandchildren have a great future. This is what most Americans want to see. A nation filled with peace, hope and a bright future for everyone. I am included in this group of people. But one thing we all need to add to this list is that we want a spiritually prosperous nation also with our nation following Jesus and the Christian principles that it was founded on. But as wonderful as our nation is, we are swerving away from the Biblical principles that our nation was founded on and we must get back to these principles if we want to have a nation of peace and prosperity and a great future for our children and grandchildren. To get back to our Christian heritage, we must look at some facts.

Let me list some for you:

*only 9% of our nation are truly born again Christians
*the lowest amount of adults in the history of our nation now call themselves Christians and that percentage is falling every month
*Islam is the fastest growing religion in our nation
*almost 20% of all Americans are against Christianity and the Bible now which is up from 10% from just a few years ago
*each year around 2.7 million people in America cease to be active church members
*by the year 2050, there will be 50% less people attending church then are attending now

I could go on and on and on in listing facts or truth about Christianity concerning our nation. These are facts that are really true and are occurring right in front of our eyes. Now, since we know these facts and others like them, we must begin to listen to the facts, understand they are true and then do something about them. You see, no one can bring a solution to a problem until they know that there is a problem. These facts and more like them reveal that the United States has a spiritual problem, but it can be fixed. It can be turned around through prayer and evangelism. It is not too late for the United States to get back to Jesus, but it will never happen until we discover the facts, know that they are true and then do something about them.

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