Fire Starters

The Lord is raising up firestarters across our nation as the time for the return of the Lord draws closer and closer. Firestarters are Christ followers who are on fire for the Lord, they understand the times in which we are living and they take action. Firestarters are a part of a grass roots spiritual movement that is beginning to rise up in the United States. The purpose of these firestarters is to start spiritual fires in neighborhoods, the workplace, churches and across the nation. These spiritual fires are bringing excitement, passion, purification and comfort to believers, leaders and churches. These firestarters are just normal, regular people, but people who are on fire for Jesus. They do not hold positions of power. They are recognized by a majority of people, but they are God called people who have a solid, stable fiery relationship with Jesus Christ. They also understand the times in which we are living and they are willing to take action with their talent, abilities, finances and time to go forth and spread the fire they have to others and to our nation. The nation that we all love has strayed away from the Lord and it is going to take some firestarters to get some spiritual fires burning again across the country. To be a spiritual firestarter, a person just needs to be available, sold out for Jesus and willing to do anything for the Lord. The Lord is looking for firestarters today. Will you be one? Will you lay down your desires, plans and thoughts and give yourself wholly to Jesus to be a firestarter in our country? We need many of these firestarters. We need an army of Christ followers who will rise up, join a grassroots movement and spread the fire of the true and living God to every city and state in our nation. Be a Firestarter…

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