I woke up this morning and walked outside and it was warm again. The sun had burned off the fog, the cool breeze had stopped and the sun felt like a warm fire was touching me. It felt good. The Lord spoke to me and said the warmth you are feeling is like my fire that I am pouring out across the world. The Bible states that the Lord is a consuming fire. Since this is true, then once we receive Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord, this consuming fire lives within us as the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Since God lives within us once we are redeemed, then we are actually on fire for the Lord the day we become a born again Christian. Just think of that, the fire of the Lord lives within us and nothing can put out that fire. It burns within us and stays hot. Declare this today. The fire of God lives within me as a Christ follower. Just saying this excites me tremendously and this is not based on feelings, emotions or any experiences at all. It is based on the Word of God. Even when we don’t feel that we are on fire, we are on fire because the Holy Spirit, who is God, lives within us. He goes every place with us which means the fire of the Lord goes everywhere with us. We can set fires every place we go and travel. The fire of the Lord that burns and lives within us was not earned or deserved or worked for. It was given to us by the Lord at the time of redemption. It is a gift of the Lord along with the other spiritual blessings that the Lord gives to us. It is because of His grace that we receive the fire of the Lord and then give it to others as we witness and share our Christian faith and the gospel. So as you get up today and go about your daily routine, please remember that the fire of God lives within you, you take it wherever you go and you can hand it off to those who do not believe by leading them to Christ.

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