I Am Mad

I was reading in Ephesians chapter 4 the other day and these words came flying off the page at me……..”BE Angry…” I said Lord, we can be angry and He said yes. I said how. The Lord whispered into my heart that He was speaking in that verse about righteous indignation. You see, the entire verse says “Be angry, but do not sin.” It is easy to lose our temper and just get mad and upset at people when they tick us off. But this is not the anger the Lord is speaking about in Ephesians 4 when He says to be angry. The anger He is referring to here is righteous indignation. Righteous indignation is an anger that a believer has toward sin and not people. An example is that Christ followers can have a righteous indignation toward the act of abortion which is killing children. We can have a righteous indignation toward the redefinition of marriage. We can have a righteous indignation against the destruction caused by drugs and abuse. Righteous indignation not only is an anger against sins, but it also motivates people to take action in finding solutions to stamp out the sins that are occurring in our nation. So we can have a righteous indignation against the sin of abortion, but we then must also take action to rid our nation of this practice through prayer, peaceful and lawful protests, adoption, mentorship and coaching for women who become pregnant no matter what the reason is, through housing women who become pregnant and through financial giving to help ministries who fight for and believe in life. Remember, Jesus got mad at what was happening at the Temple and He also took action by making a whip and driving some people out of the temple. He was not mad at the people, but at their actions. It is time for believers to get mad (have a righteous indignation) like Jesus had. This godly anger will motivate the body of Christ to take action to pray and evangelize, get people saved and discipled and see our nation turn to the Lord.

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