I Can’t Take It Any More

Whenever I hear theses words, “I can’t take it any more,” I usually think that something negative is going on. Examples would be that I can’t take my job any longer. I can’t take the behavior of my kids any more. I can’t take the pressure of life any more. But I am talking about something positive when I state that I cannot take it any longer. I am talking about about the goodness and blessings of Jesus Christ that He pours out upon me every day. The Lord’s goodness is so powerful and so overwhelming continually that I can’t take it any more. He continually pours out upon me His goodness, His grace, His peace, His favor, His joy, His healing, His patience, His mercy, His love, His kindness, His presence and His blessings. So much of this comes my way every day that I can’t take it any more. So because the Lord overwhelms me with His goodness, I must give a lot of it away to others. I have so much from Jesus that the extra I have must be given to people around me. I must give to believers some of the joy, love, favor and blessings that the Lord has given to me. I must give to unbelievers some of the kindness, grace, peace and blessings that the Lord has overwhelmed me with. As the Lord pours out His goodness upon us in abundance, I must give some away and influence others for the Kingdom of God. You see, as I seek the Lord and follow Him, He blesses me with abundance as is stated in Matthew 6:33. He will also do the same for every believer because the Lord is not a respecter of persons. The Lord’s desire is for all of His children to be blessed abundantly. What does this have to do with the United States of America? Well, our nation needs the Lord and even though our country is away from Jesus, He still pursues our culture with His goodness, love, peace and joy. He wants the people of our nation to know Him and taste and see that He is good. It is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance. It is not the harshness, judgment or meanness of God that leads people to Him. It is the goodness, kindness and grace of God that leads people to Him. So even though a lot of our nation is rejecting Christ and doing their own thing, the Lord is still pursuing our society and will continue to do so until they give in and submit themselves to His will, ways and Word. He pursues the citizens of our nation with His love and goodness. So I can’t take it any more. His goodness is overwhelming and His goodness chases after people who do not know Him and even reject Him. The Lord will never give up on our nation and it is the kindness of God that leads to repentance which means there is still hope for the United States of America.

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