Whatever the Word of God states and says, know that it will happen. The Bible is not just a book to read and enjoy. It is God’s Word. The Bible was written by God for mankind to show them the way of redemption. Even though not may seem, at times, that what the BIble states is not coming to pass, everything written from Genesis to Revelation will come to pass and will happen. Let me list some things that will happen. You cant count on it. You can book it. You can know that these things will occur. They will happen.

*the Lord is coming back soon because we see the signs of the last days occurring right before us
*the nations of the world are aligning according to the Bible to make war against Israel
*energy – oil – will be a huge reason why the nations of the war head toward another world war
*the last battle fought on earth will be the Battle of Armageddon
*the Lord will defeat all of the enemies of Israel Himself
*there will be hard times ahead for the people who live on earth because of terrorism and financial pressure
*the Lord is giving humanity chance after chance after chance to be saved
*this is the time now to become a born again Christian and be saved
*Jesus is God and ready to forgive anyone who wants to receive Him as their Savior
*Today is the day of salvation
*knowing Jesus Christ personally will give you an abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven

All of these things I have listed and, of course, many many more will happen because they are all found in the BIble which is God’s Word. We are living in a day and age today when you can’t really count on anyone or anything. We cannot depend upon politics. We cannot depend upon wall street. We can depend upon money. We cannot depend upon churches. We cannot depend upon people in general. We can only depend upon Jesus Christ and His Word. America, it is time to turn to the Lord and repent of your sins. It is time to understand that everything that is said in the Word of God will happen. So receive Jesus Christ today. Turn to the Lord right now. He is coming back. This world as we know it will end. Hard times such as terrorism will remain with us. Financial stress will occur. The Bible says so and therefore it will happen.

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