Jesus Is The Answer

We are now in an election year and many people, once again, are putting their hope in a political process and person. They are believing that by this next person getting elected that things will really change in our nation and in the world. Now, of course, it is important who is in power and who is the President, our governor and our supreme court justices etc etc.. But ultimately no matter who gets elected, our hope cannot be in people. Our hope cannot be in Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Independents. Again, having good godly people in office is important, but there is a spiritual component to our nation too that needs to be included in turning our nation around. Politics alone will not turn our nation around. Yes, talking about taxes is very important. Yes, the right to bear arms is an important principle to uphold and discuss. Yes, racial tension and hatred must decrease and love for everyone must rule. The subjects of global warming, social security, our military and on and on are very vital subjects to vote on, talk about and deal with. But again, the spiritual side of things concerning our nation is also a very real component of what will help to turn our nation around. I have found out over all of these years of living in the United States and seeing the many different Presidents come and go, that man alone and their decisions – whether they are good decisions or bad ones – will not totally turn our nation around. Jesus is the Answer to our problems in the United States of America. We need an all out revival and renewal in our country that changes the lives and hearts of people which in turn changes our nation. It can happen. It must happen. We must believe it will happen. Our nation needs Jesus Christ and His Word badly. He is the answer for all of our problems. He is the One who can turn things around. Jesus is the Answer. Politics is not the answer. Education is not the answer. Religion is not the answer. Money is not the answer. Washington D.C. is not the answer. Wall Street is no the answer. Church is not the Answer. Jesus is the Answer………

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