The Christmas season is upon us and when I think of Christmas I think of two things. First of all, I think about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is so easy to allow presents, lights, trees, food and decorations to drown out the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Christmas this year, let’s remember the reason for the season which is Jesus. Secondly, I think about joy. Christmas is a time of joy – the joy of being with family and friends and the joy of knowing Jesus as ones personal Savior and Lord. For many people, it is hard to have some joy in their lives right now because of terrorism and the things that are happening across the globe. But Jesus Christ not only came to save us from our sins, but to also give us an abundant life and fill us with His joy. We need to see some joy come back into our nation this Christmas. We need to see people laugh again and enjoy life and not always looking over their shoulders to see who might be wanting to shoot up the mall or movie theatre where we are located. We need to see joy on peoples’ faces again instead of the fear that is there because of ISIS threatening to attack our nation. We need to see people who have peace in their hearts and minds because our nation is a safe place to live. What is the answer for our nation this Christmas? It is simple. Our nation needs to turn to Jesus Christ. Our country and society needs to turn from their sins and turn toward the one and only true and living God who is present to forgive and bring hope to our culture. If our nation will turn to Jesus Christ and receive Him, there will again be fullness of joy in homes, on peoples’ faces and in our country overall – and then we all can sing together – Joy to the world, the Lord is come…….Let earth receive her King…………

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