Keep The Fire Burning

The Bible states in Leviticus chapter nine that the spiritual fire that we sense in our lives was given to us by the Lord. This spiritual fire occurred at redemption.The day the Lord called our name and we surrendered to Him, we received the fire of God. He lit us on fire. So the fire of the Lord through the Holy Spirit lives within us. It was a gift from God. He is called a consuming fire in the scriptures and we received this fire on the day of our redemption. Once we have the fire of God living within us, we must keep the fire burning. Leviticus chapter 6 speaks to the believer about the fire of God staying lit in our lives. The priest spoken about in Leviticus 6 refers to the born again believer. If you will notice in Leviticus 6, the fire on the altar was kept burning by the priest. The fire on the altar was lit by God, but then the priest kept the fire burning every morning and every day. This refers to the Christ follower doing everything they can spiritually on a daily basis to keep the fire burning in their lives. This happens by reading the Word daily, praying daily, practicing the presence of the Lord daily, attending church weekly, fellowshipping with other believers and simply staying close to Jesus. As we practice these spiritual disciplines on a daily basis, the fire of God stays lit in our lives and grows stronger and stronger the more and more we draw closer to the Lord. Now this is something the believer has to do. The fire of God growing and remaining lit in the life of a believer does not happen by just going to church once a week or being in a small group. It comes by remaining close to Jesus every day and taking time to be with Him every day. If we will draw close to the Lord, He will draw close to us. So Christ follower, stay close to the Lord.

Get with Him every day and keep the spiritual fire burning.

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