I was speaking to another believer a couple of weeks ago about the Lord, revival and the Holy Spirit moving in these last days. They looked at me and said that they had memories of things happening like that years ago and when they were younger, but they had not witnessed the move of the Spirit in recent years like it used to happen.

Memories are good to have and possess concerning many events. Memories of our children playing little league baseball. Memories of weddings and special events. Memories of a dance recital and graduations. Memories of our children being born and watching them grow. Memories of certain vacations or places we have visited. There, of course, can be bad memories, but most memories in life are good memories. But when it comes to memories concerning spiritual things like renewal and revival and the Spirit moving, it’s not enough just to have memories. We must have a Now move of the Spirit in the 21st century in 2016. You see, the spiritual memories of the past will not really do anything for the culture today. Yes, it was good to see revival 50 years ago. Yes, it was great to be involved in the Jesus movement of the 50’s and 60’s. Yes, it was exciting to know that the Holy Spirit was moving in Toronto, Canada and Pensacola, Florida. But those events, as wonderful as they all were, will not produce a move of the Holy Spirit today. They are just memories of good things that occurred in the past. But again, we need a now move. We need a move of the Spirit today. We need renewal and revival today. We need God to do something today and we as the church need to be a part of it. So let’s not just have memories of what the Lord has done in the past. Let’s start some revival fires that will burn today and be a part of the last move of God for our nation and the world.

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