What a tragic horrific event took place in our nation as a terrorist attack hit the city of Orlando, Florida which is just a 90 minute drive from where I Pastor Calvary Chapel Worship Center. It is something that hit close to home because of our proximity to Orlando and because we are all Americans and an attack on any American is an attack on all Americans. We can learn many things from this terrorist attack. Let me list a few:

***Death Can Come At Any Time – the Bible says our lives are like a vapor that are here for a moment and then gone. No one ever knows how they are going to die or when they are going to die. The only sure thing we know about death is that everyone will die. Since that is true, it is vitally important that everyone know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. It is only through Jesus Christ by which we can be saved. He is the only way to gain eternal life and live forever. Come to Christ today if you do not know Him that you can experience redemption.

***God Is In Control – the Bible states that the Lord is in control of the entire universe. He knows everything that is going on and has put a plan together for His return that this earthly mess can be cleaned up. People are asking why the Lord doesn’t do something about terrorism and killings that take place like what happened in Orlando. God did do something. He came to earth in the form of man Jesus Christ and went to the cross and died, was buried and rose again that all of mankind might be changed and have everlasting life. God had nothing to do with this terrorist attack. It was a demonic attack and mans rejection of Jesus. It is time to realize that God is not at fault here as He can only love and redeem people. It is time for mankind to come to their senses and receive Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. This will stop terrorism in its tracks.

***The United States Of America Needs Jesus Christ Badly – the core issue about Orlando is that the United States of America needs Jesus Christ badly. The country we all love has swerved away from Jesus and in many cases has totally and completely rejected Him. When any society turns its back on the true and Living God, then He leaves because He is a gentleman and will not force Himself on any individual or nation. It is time for our nation to repent and return to Jesus. He is the only answer for every issue that our nation has…

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