Pennsylvania and South Carolina Meetings!

Hey everyone thanks for praying for us! We just got back from an absolutely amazing weekend! We had 3 teams at 3 different churches in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Smithtown Community Church in Falls Creek PA, Cornerstone Worship Center in Indiana PA, and New Life Church in Barnwell South Carolina. We saw Jesus do amazing things! Here are just a few – many youth and adults touched by Jesus and baptized in the Holy Spirit. People were just weeping and weeping in the presence of the Lord. Some youth were actually brought from another church that didn’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many actually got hit with the fire and broke out in tongues! People got saved, healed, renounced the devil, and got gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit! Miracles broke out in a bunch of the services. One lady came in with a cane and walked out without it, one lady who was almost fully deaf said she could hear, one man said his shoulder was healed and could move his arm again, and one girl who had limited use of her hand and arm said she had feeling and movement again and even squeezed our hands with a super strong grip! Many church members were set on fire for the lost and were trained how to reach the lost in their areas and continually follow up with them to disciple them. One church had a block party and 5 families came out from the outreach the day before! These are just a few of the things we experienced on this trip. Please continue to pray for us as the schedule is filling up fast. We will be off next weekend again to the Detroit area. If you would like to connect with us about how we can come to your church please give us a call at (813) 815-1365or #JesusistheAnswerAmerica #AwakeAmerica365

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