All Christians believe in prayer and the power of prayer.
The Lord certainly answers our prayers, but I want to make sure that every time I pray, I am hitting a bullseye. You may be saying that it is impossible to hit a bullseye on the target every time we pray. Well, it is not impossible. It is very possible and one way for this to happen is to pray in tongues.

As a believer pray’s in tongues, it is the Holy Spirit praying through them the perfect prayer of God as seen in Romans 8:26-28. We do not know what we are praying or saying when we speak in tongues as seen 1 Corinthians 14:1-5, where it states that we speak mysteries to the Lord when we speak in tongues. But we do not need to know what we are praying because when any believer speaks in tongues, it is God the Holy Spirit praying through prayers that are always the will of God. We simply need to trust the Lord in this matter and stand on the Word. The Bible simply says that as we speak in tongues, we are praying a prayer that hits the bullseye on the target every time.

Since everything in the Bible is true, then I believe what it says in this instance concerning tongues and prayer. So keep on praying. Keep on speaking in tongues during your prayer time because every time you pray, you are hitting the bullseye.
What a comfort and sense of peace will fill you heart when this Biblical principle gets into your spirit and you really grasp ahold of it. Your prayer life will then never, never be the same.

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