Awakeamerica365 is off to Martinsville, Indiana (a city south of Indianapolis) this weekend to bring the Lord ‘s purpose to a wonderful group of people at Spirit of Life church. The purpose of AwakeAmerica365 matches the purpose of our Lord which is:

– To help fulfill the great Commission through winning people to Christ
– To help people learn how to pray and cry out to the Lord
– To help people learn more about the Person and power and presence of the Holy Spirit
– To bring renewal and revival to the hearts of people and leaders which will then spill over to the entire community

Purpose is the key to ministry, a church, a family, a business, and our lives. Are you fulfilling the purpose of God for your life? Are you flowing in the purpose that you were created to fulfill? Is the Lord’s purpose for you and every aspect of your life occurring. Jesus is everything and then purpose is right at the top of the list. The purpose you were created for is in the Lord.

To find your purpose, you must get with the Lord and find out what it is. The purpose you were created for will always have a spiritual aspect to it. If your purpose is to be a doctor, you will be treating them and praying for them. If your purpose is to work in the restaurant business or be a teacher, a Bible study during lunch hour or before or after work for all employees and bosses will be started. Your purpose will always include a spiritual aspect to it. Just as Jesus had a divine purpose to come to earth, go to the cross and rise to redeem people, we all have a purpose to walk in and fulfill.

Find that purpose, walk in that purpose and enjoy the fullness of joy here on earth that only walking in your purpose can bring. Remember, salvation and knowing the purpose of God for your life are the only things that will ever totally satisfy you…….

Author Pastor Bill Strayer

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