The word redemption popped up into my brain this morning and I figured it was from the Lord. So let’s talk about redemption. The definition of redemption is to purchase from a slave market. Mankind was purchased from a slave market of sin through the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of humanity is born with a sin nature because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the garden of Eden. Because of their sin, sin came into every other human beings lives and, therefore, all of humanity is in need of redemption. We all have sinned and need salvation and a Savior. Now the only Redeemer that can save mankind is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No other person or religion can redeem anyone. Only Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and it is only through His blood that we can be changed, saved and discover our purpose in this life.

Redemption is needed throughout our nation since our nation has turned away from the Lord. The only way to get our nation back to the way it needs to be is for a spiritual revival to take place. Yes, we need help with tax reform, jobs, gun control and the environment etc etc., but we also need a spiritual revival and that will only come through the power of redemption. This redemption must be spread through the church and believers. The church has the answer for our nation and it is redemption through Jesus Christ. May I challenge every believer to begin to share redemption with everyone and anyone at all times so that people can be saved and discipled. Our nation must hear the good news of the redemption of Jesus and the only way to get the job done is for the church to share it. You see, redemption is the theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Every chapter, verse and word in the Bible speak of redemption. If you would take a knife (not literally) and cut the Bible anywhere, it would bleed. The reason for this is because redemption is the theme of the Bible and found everyplace in the Word of God. One of my concerns is that the church – not all of the church – is pushing the theme of redemption to the side and mentioning it a lot any more. This is not healthy because the theme of the Bible is redemption which means everyone should be hearing redemption taught and preached all of the time. It is vitally important to get back to the theme of the Bible which is redemption. Let’s not deemphasize redemption. Let’s emphasize redemption. It is the main theme of the Word of God.

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