As any person reads the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, a certain topic pops up a lot of the time. It is the topic of repentance. Repentance is not a subject that is mentioned in the Word of God once in awhile. It is mentioned throughout the scriptures and is a very prominent part of scriptures. When John the Baptist came on the scene, he told Israel that they needed to repent and come to the Lord. Then Jesus arrived on the scene and some of the first words from His heart were words of repentance. When Jesus rose from the dead, Peter started preaching in the book of Acts and one of his first messages to the people was on repentance. The subject of repentance is everywhere in the Bible and since it is mentioned everywhere in the Bible, then it must be an important topic to consider and learn about. Most people think that the doctrine of repentance is a harsh doctrine and one used to beat people over the head. But the doctrine of repentance is a good solid Biblical doctrine that every person on the planet needs to hear and receive. In fact, the Bible states that it is the kindness of God that brings people to repentance. The word repentance simply means to change one’s mind. It speaks of a person going in one direction and then they repent and change their mind about the way they are going and they start heading in the opposite direction. It is that simple. How does this relate to our nation? Our nation is going in the wrong direction. Our country is headed the wrong way. We need to change our minds and repent about the way we are going and make a 180 degree turn back to the Lord, His ways, will and plan for our country. If our nation and its people and leaders will turn away from their sins, turn toward the Lord and repent, the Lord will bring blessing to our nation and its leaders and people. If our nation or any nation will not turn away from its sins, then the blessing and presence of the Lord will lift off of that nation. The United States of America needs to repent of their sins. Our country needs to change its mind on the direction it is going. Our nation needs to turn back to the Lord quickly. Our nation needs to repent…

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