The secular culture in our nation needs evangelism. The body of Christ in our nation needs revival.

Revival is the body of Christ receiving an invasion from heaven and being brought back to life again. We are living in the last days and two events are happening at the same time: (1.) a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit mostly occurring overseas and (2.) a great outpouring of lukewarmness as seen in Revelation chapter 3 which is occurring in Europe and the United States. Lukewarmness causes the church to become tired, worn out, somewhat lazy and satisfied with just going through the motions of Christianity and attending church. The fire of the Lord is present, but dim.

But there is something that can happen to see revival come to a sleeping church.

1. Through a supernatural touch of the manifest presence of the Lord – seeing, sensing and experiencing the presence of the Lord comes through prayer and intercession. As the church interceeds, the heavens open and revival pours out. No longer can the church be content just to have church services void of the presence of the Lord. Our hearts cry must be that God will come and fill the church with His presence, glory and power. No one can come face to face with the presence of the Lord and remain the same.

2. By realizing that revival is an individual spiritual experience – revival is each individual believer being set on fire by the Lord. This comes through a believers personal and daily devotion time. It is being filled with the Spirit every day. It is drawing close to Jesus continually. The Bible states that if we draw close to the Lord, He will draw close to us and revival will occur.

It’s time to evangelize the secular culture and see revival come to the body of Christ.

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