The United States of America is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful nations in the world today in many ways. Through its military and economic power, the United States is a powerful force on earth today. But one there is one thing about power and strength that can work against a person or a nation. When someone knows they are powerful, it is easy to let down your guard and also think that their power alone can handle any situation that arises. Many nations just rely on their power, strength and wealth only and push to the side anything to do with God, Jesus Christ and Christianity. We need to be reminded about the Word of God, though, which states that without Jesus Christ, we can do nothing. You see, sooner or later, reliance upon our own strength alone will fail. Every great power in the history of man has fallen in one way or another and then has given rise to another power which eventually also fell.

The United States of America, the country we all love, is a strong nation militarily, economically and in many other ways, but it has turned away from the Lord Jesus Christ and His principles, ways and values. Once any nation does this, they eventually will become corrupt and fall. The fall usually takes place from the inside out. When any nation turns away from Jesus, the spiritual values they once thought were important fall to the wayside. Moral decay occurs. Violence and crime erupts and that nation becomes weaker and weaker and weaker until it loses its strength and power and can eventually collapse. A nations own strength and power can become a liability instead of a blessing because it solely relies on this strength instead of totally relying upon Jesus Christ and then also on its other strengths such as the military.

We must remain strong as a nation, but we must also turn back to the Lord to get back the true strength that we need to keep our nation the greatest nation on earth. Our strength truly does come from Jesus, the Bible and spiritual principles. The United States must turn back to the Lord now to regain its spiritual strength which will allow us to conquer any problem that comes our way and also allow us to remain the strongest nation on the earth.

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