Signs are all over the place in our society. There are stop signs and yield signs as we drive through our communities. There are signs on stores to give the names of the companies. There are signs that give directions and tell us the hours of operation for places of business. Signs are all over our community and nation. Signs are also found throughout the Bible.

The word sign speaks of what it is pointing to. When it comes to the Bible and signs, the sign is not the important thing that is happening. It is what the sign is pointing to and all signs lead to Jesus.

There are many signs in the Bible that point to the fact that the Lord is returning soon. These signs have been building over the years and are becoming more and more evident as we move farther and farther into the 21st century. Let me list some of these signs.

*the return of the Jewish people back to Israel
*Israel becoming a nation
*the rise of Russia again
*the increase of countries have nuclear weapons such as Iran
*inflation – items costing more and more
*a cashless society
*the strength and power of China economically and with its military
*the world becoming a global community
*a void in strong leadership in the world which makes room for the antichrist to rule
*an increase in earthquakes, famines and disease
*great fear coming upon the nations of the world
*an increase in violence across the globe

All of the these signs and many many more like it point toward the Lord and the fact that He is coming back soon. These signs are meant to show the believer and the world what is getting ready to take place and that we must be prepared for the return of our Lord. These signs are meant to show the world and the unbelieving community that Jesus is coming back soon and that they need to turn to Jesus quickly before it is too late.

There are signs all over the place and there are signs in the Bible. These signs are meant, not to scare people, but to point them to Jesus and His return. The Lord is preparing us for what is getting ready to happen on earth. He is getting us ready for His return. He is trying to use these signs to get our nation to repent and turn to Him wholeheartedly. It is time to notice these signs. It is time to understand these signs. It is time to turn to the One whom these signs are pointing to. It is time for our nation to get back to the Lord and heed the signs that are occurring.

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