As all human beings live life here on planet earth, problems and difficulties will occur. It is something that all of humanity has in common. No one has a totally smooth ride concerning their journey here on earth. There are some bumps and bruises along the way and they are called problems. But one awesome thing about problems is that every problem has a solution. You may be saying, all problems do not have a solution such as death. What is the solution for death? The solution is to become a born again believer. Once this happens, the problem of death is defeated because when a person dies after they are saved, they inherit everlasting life. They go to heaven. What does this have to do with America? Well, America has many many problems such as racial tensions, a high murder rate right now, a turning away from Jesus and His principles and a diminished role in the world. There are problems all over the place so much so that around 65% of all Americans feel that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. But the good news is that for every problem the United States has, there is a solution for every problem. And included in every solution is a spiritual principle that must be enacted. The spiritual solution is that our nation needs to get back to Jesus Christ. Yes, we need to stop spending so much money to get our debt down. Yes, we must have open dialogue about race issues. Yes, we need to elect good people who truly care for our nation. But included along with all these solutions and more, Jesus Christ must be included in the conversation. There is no true solution for our country until we turn back to Jesus. Our country has turned away from Him and must turn back to Him immediately. Nations will fall apart in every aspect without having a strong stable spiritual foundation. Does the United States have many problems? Yes it does. But the good news is that for every problem our country has, there is a solution and His name is Jesus Christ. Let’s begin to turn to Jesus and bring some solutions to the many problems we are facing in our nation.

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