Sustained Trouble

No one likes to hear the word trouble. It is a word that brings with it some pain, hardship and various trials. But even though the word trouble is not a very encouraging word and one that we do not want to hear about much or talk about , it also has a positive side to it when it comes to spiritual principles. I have found out over the years that trouble is used by the Lord to bring people to their knees and to get them saved. I have never met very many people who have become born again when everything was okay in their lives and things were going very well. It has usually been during times of trouble where people have come to the Lord. The times of pressure and trouble bring people to their knees. It drives people to Jesus Christ. It allows humility to dominate them to the place where they will go to God for help when they were once arrogant or self reliant. So trouble is not just a bad thing. There is also a good side to trouble when it comes our way. Now what does this have to do with the United States and our wonderful nation. Our nation needs the Lord badly. The country that we love is away from Jesus Christ and His principles. I believe that just as individuals bow to the Lord and receive Him when times of trouble come, that our nation will also bow themselves before the Lord when trouble comes its way. That means, then, that trouble is going to have to come to our nation to the place where the nation will turn to the Lord. This trouble will not come to punish our nation. This trouble will not come to destroy our nation. This trouble will come to get our nations attention, to bring it to its knees and that many Americans will get saved and born again by receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. In fact, it is going to take sustained trouble – trouble that lasts for the long term – to get the United States to humble itself before the Lord our God, repent and turn toward Him. I wish this was not true and I do not want sustained trouble to come to our nation.

But I do believe that the only way our nation will return to the Lord is through sustained trouble.

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