Take a Stand

The book of Ephesians in chapter 6 talks about taking a stand – “having done everything, stand or stand firm.” (v13). It is time for all believers in the United States of America to take a stand for righteousness, godliness, holiness, the Word of God and Jesus Christ. No matter how the culture changes, how laws change or how politicians change their position, the Lord and His Word never change. They are solid, stable and true all of the time. The Lord laid on my heart to let every believer know in the United States that it is time to take a stand for the Lord and His Word.

Now the way to take a stand is to always respond and react with kindness and love. Truth can be spoken in private and public in a firm way with love and compassion. We are seeing in our culture today many personal attacks and debates becoming mean spirited. This is not a good thing that is happening. People feel like they have a right to tell people off, give them a piece of their mind, yell at them and act in an unbecoming manner. It seems like parts of our society are losing their sense of respect and honor for people in general. But this is unacceptable behavior in Christianity. All Christ followers are to respect people, love people and hold a civil and godly conversation with everyone and anyone no matter how they are being treated. We are to be like the Lord in all situations.

We are to take a stand on the Word of God no matter what the consequences may be. Paul spent over half of his life in prison just for proclaiming the gospel. The disciples and many others found in God’s Word suffered death and times of torture because of them standing up for Jesus, the Word of God and Christianity. But no matter what the consequences may be, we must take a stand for Jesus all of the time. No matter what the culture shouts at us. We must take a stand for Jesus and the Word of God. No matter what laws are passed, we must take a stand for Jesus and the Word of God.

God’s people, take a stand today. Take a stand in love. Take a stand for righteousness. Take a stand for Jesus Christ. Take a stand.

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