Terrorism is all around us. Several terror groups are rising up to cause confusion, fear and destruction all across the global community. We have seen attacks in Belgium, Iraq and just recently in Pakistan where many people were killed and wounded during an Easter Sunday celebration. Many women and children died in this terror bombing and attack. The main terrorist group that has started and grown is ISIS. We see that they are able to reach many countries and they even have terror cells here in the United States. The Bible describes the fear that the global community will have because of the shocking events that have come upon the world. But even though ISIS and other terrorists groups exist, the biggest terrorist of all today is the devil and his demonic forces. They are the influence behind ISIS and all terrorist groups. You see, the Bible states in Eph 6:10-18 that we are not fighting against people, but powers of hell who have come to steal, kill and destroy. The greatest terrorist today is the devil and his demons. They will do anything they can do to kill anyone and drag people to hell where they are going to live for all eternity. They do not care about life, God or people. The devil and his demons are liars, destructive and deceptive. There is nothing good about them. So what can the church, the body of Christ do to help push back the powers of darkness that are invading the earth? The church can be the restraining force on earth as stated in 1 Thessalonians 2. The word restrain means to hold back. As the church prays, the powers of darkness and hell are pushed back, moved out of the way, forced to retreat and we then see renewal and revival spread. The reason the United States is protected and safe is not only because of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement that are doing such a great job, but the church is also praying. When the church prays, powers of darkness are restrained and held back from doing great damage. So church, pray for our country, pray for your neighborhood and pray for the nations of the world. Then as we pray, the powers of hell are held back and renewal comes to our nation and the world. Terrorism is real, but so is the church and the power of prayer.

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