The Breath of God

All throughout the scriptures we read about the breath of God. We see in many scriptures that the breath of God helped to create the world. The breath of God started the Christian church in Acts chapter 2. The breath of God will take care of the anti-christ in the last days. The breath of God can bring refreshing to individuals, groups of people and nations. The breath of God is a powerful, anointed force that can change lives instantaneously. As most Americans realize, the United States of America, the nation we all love, is going in the wrong direction financially, politically, spiritually and in many other ways. Our nation needs to and must return to the Lord and the principles that are found in the Word of God. If our nation will turn back to Jesus Christ, then there is great hope for our country and its citizens. If our nation will not turn back to the Lord, then our nation is headed for a difficult ride in the future. I personally believe that there will not be a total revival that will happen in the United States. I believe there will be pockets of revival and renewal here and there in different communities, but not a nationwide revival. The only way the United States will totally turn back to the Lord is if the people of God will begin to pray and cry out to God for Him to move among our nation. When we do this continually and consistently, I believe the breath of God will begin to blow upon every state in the union and we will see a move of God which will be the last move of God in our country. It will only be by the breath of God that revival will come from sea to shining sea in our nation. So let’s begin to cry out to God. Let’s begin to call upon the lord. Let’s begin to seek Him. Let’s begin to ask, seek and knock (Matt 7:7) and if we do this, the Bible says He will answer. What our nation needs and must have right now is the beautiful, precious, magnificent, unbelievable breath of God to touch our nation one more time and then the return of there Lord will finally come.

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