The California Shooting

The largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 occurred a few weeks ago in California. Our prayer and hearts go out to the family members of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. So what can we learn from this terrorist attack? Let’s list some things.

– We are in a fight against evil. There is good (God and angels) and there is evil (devil and demon forces). We must recognize that evil does exist and we must call it exactly what it is.

– We are headed toward WW 3. All of these events that are occurring concerning Isis, terrorism and wars and rumors of wars are taking the world down a path to WW3 which is the Battle of Armageddon. This battle will be fought in Israel and will be the last huge battle that this earth will fight

– Americans are allowed to protect themselves. Self defense is in the scriptures and as long as people are following the laws of the nation, then they can protect themselves

– We must return to the Lord immediately as a country because the farther we push the Lord out of our society, the more our nation is open to attacks of every kind. We need the Lord’s covering to completely cover us and that will only happen when we turn back to the Lord.

– The church of Jesus Christ must wake up and get out of their 4 walls and reach out to the culture that is turning more and more against Christianity. The body of Christ must shake off any apathy or lukewarmness and turn toward the Lord so that He can pour His fire into the hearts of every born again believer and also redeem the lost

– Repentance is a huge principle that must be practiced by the body of Christ in America. Repentance was a message taught by John the Baptist, Peter and Jesus. It is a message for people to change their minds about the direction they are going and to make a 180 degree turn toward the Lord.

– The California shooting along with many other events across the globe reveal that we are close to seeing the return of Jesus Christ. The Bible says when all of these things take place, then lift up your heads because the return of the Lord is coming soon.

These principles and others are things we can glean from the terrorist attack. Let us all pray for our nation and let us all turn to the Lord so that we can see the end of terror on our shores…

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