The Patience of God

Jesus Christ is the most patient person I have ever met. You have met Him you may be asking? Yes, 40 years ago at college I met Jesus and became a born again Christian. One of the qualities I noticed about Jesus when I met Him and started to hang out with Him was His patience. What a patient person and God He is.

We as individuals and we as a nation really only deserve the wrath, anger and judgment of God upon us. The sins we have committed and the wickedness we have been involved in as a nation and as a people should have been enough to test the Lord’s patience and then for Him to bring His judgment down upon us. But over and over and over again, the Lord has revealed His patience with the people on earth and those who live in the United States of America. Why is the Lord so patient? The Lord is so patient because He wishes that none should perish, but that all should have everlasting life. So He patiently waits on more people to be saved and born again. He is patiently waiting on more of His creation to come to Him for salvation. Again, our nation and citizens including me deserve His judgment and wrath, but He continues to wait and wait and wait. He continues to be so patient because He believes people will eventually come to their senses about the way they are living and will receive Him as their Savior and Lord sooner or later. Of course, one of these days He will be coming back again to clean up the mess that the people of earth have made and there will be a new heaven and earth and no more sin will be present. But until then, sin will be present and we will deserve His judgment, but He will continue to remain patient and will wait on people to be saved. He will give people all of the chances that they need to receive Him. He will wait on as many people as possible to be saved. He is the God of the second chance and a God of patience…

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