The Reality of Eternity

We are living in a world where it is easy to become soley focused on earth and all of the activities that go along with our earthly journey. Most of the things we are involved in are good things and not sinful actions or behavior. It is simply easy to focus on the business of the present and not be concerned about the future. But then something occurs in our lives to get us to put on our ABS brakes and place some attention on the future.

– Someone we know is close to death

– We personally get into an accident or get very ill and we start to think about eternity

– We read an article or hear someone share about the afterlife and wonder where we are going

– A difficult trial comes to our family or our lives and we realize this earth is temporary, but there is something that does last forever called eternity

– We look in the mirror and see we are getting older and realize life is very short

– We attend a funeral and are confronted with our own mortality

We not only must be involved in the present, but we must also give some time to reflect upon the future, not only for us personally, but also for those around us. We must understand that the Bible speaks about eternity a lot and we must all be ready for what eternity holds. If we are born again believers, then heaven waits for us and eternity will be an awesome spiritual experience. If we are not born again believers, then eternity is still real, but there is a hell we must contend with. Heaven and hell are both real and are eternal matters.

Take some time today to handle earthly matters and take care of things that are pressing in the present, but also take some time to think about eternal matters, not only for yourself, but for others who may not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Take some time today to witness to someone about Jesus and lead them to salvation or plant a seed that may eventually bloom and that person will be saved. Our nation and all of its citizens need Jesus Christ. Take some time to make sure that your own personal salvation is solid and alive. Simply remember, eternity is real.

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