The Solution

Every person, every nation, every business, every neighborhood and every family member has problems of some sort. Some of these problems are small and some are big. Some of these problems will remain longer than others, but one thing is for sure, there is a solution for every problem that exists. Some people like to be problem oriented. What does that mean? It means that the only thing they talk about is their issues and problems. They talk about their problems. They pray about their problems and they are always thinking about their problems. Now, of course, when a problem arises, we are going to think and pray about them, but they should not be allowed to consume our lives. We should be solution oriented when it comes to problems. This simply means that after the problem arises, we should be thinking about how the problem can be solved. You see, there is a solution for every problem. Let’s see how this relates to our nation.

The United States of America is a great nation and the best nation on the planet, but it does have its problems. Some of the problems include a high debt, racial tensions, crime and drugs and alcohol problems. Of course, there are many more problems than I have mentioned, but even with all of the problems we could list that our nation has, there is a solution for each and every one of them. There is a political solution, a communication solution, a human solution and also a spiritual solution. It is in the mixing all of these solutions together that will bring about the solving of every problem our nation has. But the key is to bring a spiritual solution into the equation also because trying to solve problems in our nation without a spiritual element being involved, will not actually solve the problem. The reason for this is because of the word death. Even though the debt starts to come down, the people who have worked this solution out are going to die. That’s a problem. Even though race relations begin to improve, the people involved in solving this issue are going to die. Eventually everyone dies and the only solution to death is a spiritual solution which is Jesus Christ. So there is even a solution for death and it is being born again through the blood of Jesus Christ.

America needs to turn to the Lord today which will ultimately bring solutions to every problem we have as a nation. There is a solution for every problem the United States has, but the spiritual aspect of solving the problem must also be included. And the spiritual aspect is our nation turning to the Lord for salvation and the forgiveness of our sins…

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