The Sound of a Trumpet

The trumpet is an instrument that has a very loud sound to it when it is played in a loud fashion. The trumpet had many reasons for being blown in the Bible such as when it was sounded, it was a call for the people of Israel to assemble together. At other times, when the people heard the trumpet blast, it was because the enemy was coming to try to destroy Israel. Well, there is a trumpet that is being sounded today for one main reason. There are enemies that are gathering against our nation in an attempt to destroy it and move it away from Christian principles and Jesus Christ.

The enemies include:

I call these enemies the “isms” against our nation. There are more enemies than what I have mentioned, but I think everyone gets the idea. A loud sounding trumpet is blowing across our nation right now warning our leaders. The citizens and Christian believers that more and more enemies are rising up across our great land and nation in an attempt to remove all signs of Christianity from our country when Christianity is the one teaching and principle that is needed to remain strong in our nation and which will help our nation remain stable and spiritually alert. Heed the sound of the trumpet. Stand against the enemies of our nation and Christianity. Fight these enemies through prayer, the Word of God and apologetic debates. It is time to take a stand…

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