The Supernatural

Christianity is a supernatural faith. It is a faith where we believe people can be totally changed and the sick can be healed. Those individuals who are demon oppressed or possessed can be delivered and miracles can happen. We are living in a society now that is desperate for help and they are looking everywhere to gain this help. That is why so many people have become dependent on the government for help and on social agencies for help. Not that this is totally wrong, but our dependency must be on Jesus Christ. But our society is turning away from the Lord and going to other things for help because the church has stopped believing in the supernatural power of the Lord. Yes, there are a lot of church services going on. Yes, there are some people getting saved and being changed, but overall the state of Christianity in the United States is in decline and we need a renewal to bring our country back to the Lord. One way this will happen is by churches, leaders and Christ followers in general getting back to the supernatural power of the Lord. When anyone is touched by the lord supernaturally, it starts a domino effect where many others will also be changed and touched and then this keeps going and going and going until a community is changed, then a state is changed and then a nation is changed. This can happen. There is great hope for our nation, but we must all turn to Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible which speaks about the supernatural power of the true and living God. Yes, we need churches. Yes, we need church services. But we need Jesus Christ and His supernatural touch upon our nation to really begin to see a nationwide movement of the grace, love and power of our Lord.

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