Understand The Times

The 2016 new year is almost upon us. We have moved quickly into the 21st century with many things changing in our world and in our nation. Here are some things that have taken place which have changed the landscape of our country.

*there is a leadership vacuum in our country
*the economy is not growing as fast or as large as everyone thought it would
*the threat of terrorism is changing the patterns of our life
*our nation has become more secular and humanistic
*the church has lost its influence in our communities and country
*the world has become less safe with the emergence of Russia and China
*violence is on the increase
*the systems in our nation are corrupt
*crime is out of control in our big cities
*racial tension is on the increase
*most people are living paycheck to paycheck
*there is high stress and pressure in our lives today as never before

All of these things that I have mentioned and more have changed the way we all live in the United States of America. It is not the same America that it used to be. It is not going to be the same America for our children and grandchildren. We must not be afraid, but we must understand the times in which we are living. Many people want to ignore what is taking place around them, but we must face the facts and not be in denial. The things I have mentioned and more are true and there is more that I could mention, not to be negative or not for fear to grip our hearts, but that we could understand the times in which we are living. You see the Bible states that these things are going to happen. The Bible says that in these last days difficult things will happen. So what is the answer. The answer is for all believers to stay close to Jesus and follow Him. The answer is not to deny the facts, but to state them and then change them through Jesus and spiritual means. You see, the reason things are worsening in our nation is because Christianity is not the great influence it used to be. Christianity has lost its way. So as we enter the 2016 new year, it is time for the church to get on fire again and become a strong influence in our nation. It is time for our society to realize that Jesus is the only answer for our country. It is time to understand the times in which we are living and take action to see it become the nation that we all want it to be.

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