We are presently in another election cycle where we will be voting for President and other political offices this coming November. The Bible is specific in asking all believers to pray for those in authority in 1 Timothy 2:1-8. We are to pray for all elected officials and ask the Lord to bless them and give them the wisdom they need to rule with godly values and principles. But not only is each Christ follower supposed to pray for elections and elected officials, but we are also to vote. Each time there has been an election the last few years, a huge portion of the Christian population has not taken the time to vote. This is simply not right. For our nation to be the nation the Lord wants it to be, Christians not only need to witness, pray and read the Bible, but they must be engaged in the political process through voting. Some believers think that none of the candidates are good enough and so they do not vote for anyone, but that is not good. Christians simply need to vote and be a part of the election process and vote for the person who best follows the values that we follow as believers. No candidate will be perfect and there will be times in the future where it will be hard to vote for either candidate because the values and principles that they follow are against the scriptures. But again, all believer must vote and we must vote for the person who we feel is the best person to be the president and who is the closest to the Christian values that we live by. Do not ignore the election process. Do not use the excuse that you cannot vote for either person because of some things they believe in. Do no the lazy and just not be involved. All believers need to vote and must vote…….Explore the candidates, be engaged in the election process and then pull the lever.

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