Where is God?

Where is God? One of the most asked questions of humanity today is where is God? That question can be asked for a lot of reasons, but it is in the top five of questions asked by all of humanity. The main reasons we ask this question is about God’s presence. When we ask the question, where is God we are wondering if He is around, if He exists and if He is present. When we ask the question where is God, it could also be a power question. Where is God and why has He not healed me, my friend or family member? Where is God and why don’t I have a job yet? Therefore, asking the question where is God is twofold and refers to the presence of the Lord or the power of the Lord. People in the United States of America are asking this question today. Where is God? Many people feel the Lord has abandoned our nation and has turned His back on us. They feel He has forsaken us and has left our country. Well, first of all, the Lord is every place and He is still present in the United States of America, but we have tied His hands. The problem with the question Where is God is that the problem is not God. The problem is people. It is the majority of the people in the United States who do not want the Lord around. You see, we have asked the Lord to leave our schools, leave our society, leave our courtrooms, leave our colleges, leave our neighborhoods, leave our politics, leave Wall Street, leave the Whitehouse, leave our churches and leave the culture. The problem is not about God and His power or presence. The problem is our nation who will not invite the Lord into the middle of our culture. It is okay if some of our culture believes in Jesus, but lets don’t allow Him into our midst all of the way. Let’s not base our values on Him and church and state must be separate. Where is God? He is present with His hands tied because we have tied them. Where is His power and presence to change our nation. It is stifled because we have become a secular society. That’s right. We are no longer a Christian nation, but a secular nation.There is hope, though, and we can once again sense and see the presence and power of the Lord in our midst. It is simple. Untie His hands and allow Him back into our society and culture full force. Allow the Lord back into our schools, our neighborhoods, our families, our churches, our culture.

Rev 3:20 states that the Lord is knocking on our door. All we have to do is open the door and let Him in. Our nation will never be what the Lord wants it to be until we let Him back in. He will not force His way in. He is a gentleman. He must be asked to come back in. Where is God? He is waiting to be asked back into our nation. Let’s open the door and allow Jesus back into our lives and society. He is ready to come home…

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