World War 3

Something is brewing on planet earth. A worldwide event is about to happen. You can sense the tension among the nations of the world. You can see the terror threats that are occurring across the globe. What is the next great Biblical event that is going to be taking place on earth in the days ahead. It is ARMAGEDDON or WW3. The Bible states that many nations will gather themselves together against the nation of Israel to again try to destroy the Jewish people. Israel will be surrounded by its enemies and outnumbered militarily on all fronts. This battle, which I call, WW3 will be fought in Israel in the Valley of Megiddo which is miles long and miles wide. It would seem that Israel would be crushed and defeated. It will look like Israel has no chance at all to survive this conflict; But one thing the world has not realized yet is that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people and He will never allow the enemies of Israel to triumph over them. When it looks and seems like Israel is ready to be defeated and taken over by its enemies, the BIble states that heaven will open and through that open space will come Jesus Christ. This is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus will come through this open heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and will Himself defeat all of the enemies of Israel. Jesus will crush the nations of the world that would dare raise their hand against His chosen people, the Jewish people. Then Jesus will rule and reign on earth in Jerusalem and clean up the mess that humanity has made. So what should the people of the United States be doing since they see all of this happening across the globe. It is time for our nation to turn to the Lord, to get right with Jesus Christ, to ask forgiveness for their sins and be saved. We are living in the last days and the Lord is lengthening the time on earth so that more and more people will come to know Him as their personal Savior and Lord. The time is now to receive Jesus and become a born again Christian. Receive Jesus today. Get ready for the next great war on earth. Stay close to Jesus as the world heads toward Armageddon……

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